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On this forum I would really like to get as many different people who are interested in the Glossa Ordinaria to not only learn more about it and participate in threads and conversations, but I am very interested to have as many people as possible with various levels of knowledge of Latin to translate any parts of the Gloss and post it on the forum.  I think this would be an interesting place for free reference material of the Glossa Ordinaria and some hands on learning for some people to sharpen their Latin skills and get familiar with the Gloss.

My current plan is to translate four epistles of Paul (Gal-Col) over the next year.  This will be a major portion of my sabbatical.  I am also planning to put the translations with an historical overview of various elements of the Glossa.

That is great!  Have you decided which epistles yet?

I am currently working on Galatians, but I plan on translating Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, and Colossians.

That is wonderful!  I imagine there are lots of Jerome and Augustine quotes in Galatians.


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