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Here is a site I created a while back where I organized a lot of resources for the Glossa Ordinaria.  There are manuscripts and versions of the Gloss on most of the books of the Glossa Ordinaria.  Here is the link to the site

I found a site in Erfurt, Germany, that has a beautiful, high-definition copy of the 1480 Strassburg Glossa.  The facsimile on this site is actually better than the printed copy that I am using for my work.

Also, I have been in touch with a group in France, headed by Prof. Martin Manard, that is working on a complete transciption of the Glossa.  Some of this work has been released, but the major portion will begin to be released starting in August.  The site is  Much of the site is written in French.

That does look nice and clear!  Are you using the printed version Bibliorum Sacrorum cum Glossa Ordinaria Venice 1603?

I transcribed Jonah for them.  They have really been getting lots done lately.  The Gospels are done, and they are finishing up Revelation.  They sent me Revelation, but the translator that I am editing for actually didn't need it because she chose to use multiple manuscripts.  But what is doing is wonderful, hopefully it will spur translators to approach the Gloss.


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